Dear Howie Appel,I just wanted to send a note of thanks for everything you did today. It was a pleasure working with you! Your dedication to your craft and willingness to go above and beyond is fantastic! I have been giving GREAT reviews of your work to my co-workers already and will continue to do so. You have made my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn site a masterpiece! I am truly greatful!

Adrian A

Blessings Howie: I feel a weight has been lifted off of my shoulder!!s. I am so sorry I just did not make the sacrifice and hire you to do my resume. But I guess everthing happens when it is suppose to happen. Thank you so much!! I did put the BSN behind my name because that is important to me and others. If you have another reason for moving it let me know. But so far I like the profile. God Bless.

Janie T

It had been over 15 years since I had to update and refresh my resume. I needed a professional who understood how the latest recruiting software interpreted resume information and could get my Linkedin profile up-to-date quickly. Howie was very informative and fun while helping me to create a great resume. I would highly recommend Howie if you have a need for a new or updated resume.

Gabriel F

I thought I had a strong resume and LinkedIn profile and then I met with Howie. He opened my eyes to how the resume and LinkedIn profile work together and really drove my efforts to a next level. You can’t help but feel vulnerable when someone digs into your career and your resume but Howie has a very warm and friendly approach that puts you at ease and makes you really comfortable. That was very much appreciated. I highly recommend Howie to anyone looking to improve their career search process!less

Steve S

It would be my pleasure to highly recommend Mr. Howie Appel as an expert in the realms of Resume construction, Career change, Employment strategy, LinkedIn, Networking and some things you’ll just have to meet him to find out. I have dealt with Howie for over two years and have found him to be worthy of my confidence and trust.
I payed the nominal fee. This man could very easily be earning a lucrative income doing what he did for me -but he does not and that is rare to update my resume and revamp my LinkedIn page. One of the many things I appreciate about Howie is that he comes from the prospective of a hiring manager, recruiter, job seeker and one who clearly sees the lay of the current economic landscape.
Not only does he do this; He regularly holds LinkedIn seminars that unlock the full potential of this vehicle. I have not begun to count the number of employment prospects I have received directly through LinkedIn. Prospects I would not have gotten any other way, from persons who did not know me and were drawn to me by my LinkedIn page revamped by Mr. Howie Appel. Even persons with what they think are Stellar LinkedIn profiles can benefit from his input. He did it for me.
Howie asked me to put this in the recommendation. I just signed a contract in principle to manage a pharmacy in North Florida. A position that was a the result of a direct contact from a connection on LinkedIn. But the power of LinkedIn comes from the fact that I had two other prospects lined up for 2015 that came from, you guessed it…LinkedIn.
I can’t say enough nice things about this man; but I can say this… don’t walk, run to your cell phone, landline phone, tablet or pc and make an appointment. He will serve it up, you just have to be willing to take it in and apply it.

Ivan L. Bradley RPh