6 Reasons to Order LinkedIn Writing Service to Find a Job

Today we talk about the fact why 332 million members have LinkedIn Profile?

Karen Hampton (Professional Resume Writer and Career Coach on LinkedIn profile makeover services) gave the answer:

Many people do not know what LinkedIn is. A lot know, but do not know why, and how to use it. We makeovered hundreds of profiles thereby helping people find their dream job. And are sure of the reasons to register in LinkedIn more than you think .

6 reasons to order linkedin makeover

1. The number of users is growing every minute.

Currently, LinkedIn has 530 million users from 200 countries. Every second, two more users are registered in it (LinkedIn statistics). How can this be useful when looking for a job?

If you did not find an employee of an interesting company for you today, then it is possible he will register there tomorrow – the network is growing.

2. Profiles contain fairly accurate information, as colleagues see them.

In any other social network, or in a resume sent directly to employers, you can write anything you like – embellish your experience or achievements.

On LinkedIn, your experience looks more convincing for recruiters, as everyone knows that both managers and colleagues look at profiles – so faking information is dangerous for your current career.

3.  LinkedIn is one of the largest job integrators.

Despite the fact that not all vacancies are directly located on LinkedIn, nevertheless, it is one of the main vacancy inegrators.

3 places to search for vacancies:

  • Through the Search button in the Jobs tab.
  • In groups.
  • In the tapes of recruiters. Often, in addition to published vacancies, recruiters and headhunters publish vacancies in their stream. Pay attention to this!

4.  LinkedIn provides recommendations.

Until now, the string “References available upon request” is often found in CVs. Formally, it does not carry any meaning in itself – those who need their recommendations will be asked, and those who do not need it – they will not pay attention to this term. By the way, remove it from your resume.

But on LinkedIn you can emphasize your experience in the smallest winning way, having received recommendations from your former leaders, partners, clients. And it will look much more convincing and more real.

5. You can look for a job around the world without leaving your home.

You can look for job through LinkedIn both in the country of residence, and in any other of the 199 others represented. I know dozens of stories when people were offered job offers after several skype interviews. Online space has no boundaries.

6. LinkedIn Profile – must have.

Now it’s not fashionable to exchange business cards, unprofessionally add each other to Facebook, but LinkedIn is the best place to keep new business contacts, explore potential employers, and go directly to a recruiter. Do not miss the opportunity: read how to download Linkedin resume and get an excellent high-paying job!


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