How to use LinkedIn for business

LinkedIn already has more than 645 million users from 200 countries. Moreover, 150 million of them appeared over the past 2 years. Among social networks, this is not a record, of course. But there is an important nuance – LinkedIn for business, it is imprisoned for professional contacts, therefore it is often used in B2B.

LinkedIn is most often used in 2 situations: they want to get a job in an international company or want to receive foreign clients. In this guide I’ll tell you why you should not ignore LinkedIn, how to promote your business and find customers.

What is LinkedIn and what are the business opportunities

Previously, the social network was exclusively for networking. Nowadays, more and more functions of familiar social networks are being introduced, such as subscribing to human content updates (and not just establishing contact).

Where to start:

  1. Register an account on the main page.
  2. Fill out the profile correctly: no aliases – real Name, Surname, company, etc.
  3. Fill in a lot of fields about work, your competencies, achievements, certificates.
  4. Upload a photo (by the way, with it on a profile pay attention to 21 times more often according to statistics LinkedIn).
  5. Connect corporate mail, subscribe / establish contact with those you know personally.

What are the features of LinkedIn for business:

  • you can start promoting your personal brand as an expert, business owner;
  • develop a personal profile to attract customers to the business;
  • develop, strengthen the profiles of company employees, TOP management;
  • maintain a business page for attracting customers.

LinkedIn has one fundamental difference. You can purchase a paid account for specific business tasks. With them, of course, more features and capabilities.

If you engage in lead generation systematically, it makes sense to take a paid account such as Sales. You will have more functions, fields, filters to find the right people according to different criteria:

  • geography;
  • field of activity;
  • positions;
  • the presence of any attributes, skills, mentions;
  • activity of potential customers, etc.
  • For LinkedIn customer engagement to make sense, you need:
  • a clear, understandable, tangible difference from competitors – it is especially important in B2B and in those markets where there are established leaders (USA, Europe);
  • a mini-solution, a mini-benefit, something tangible for a potential client – not a script, promises and beautiful advertising materials, but some kind of benefit;
  • website, commercial offers, presentations in English – no one will bother with Google translator;
  • manager, consultant, expert who speaks English fluently, confidently: in writing and by phone;
  • a backup partner or the opportunity to open a legal entity in another country if there are legal difficulties (or elementary fears) in working with your company.

LinkedIn Promotion tips for 2020

Now blitz tips for those who still decide to look for clients through LinkedIn with chips, nuances and ideas for 2020:

  1. Be sure to personalize the appeals on social networks. Add information about the latest posts in the user’s stream, his achievements, place of work or study. It arouses interest and involves.
  2. Prepare a description of the business page so that the CA sees itself, its problems and your competence to solve them. The better you deliver your USP, the higher the likelihood of getting a transition to the main site and contacts of a potential client.
  3. Get involved not only in your content and comments below it. Participate in discussions of potential customers, in specialized groups. First, you will appear before their eyes. Secondly, show your expertise.
  4. Mark through the familiar @ tag the established leaders in the niche who are familiar in order to reach their audience as well.
  5. Do content regularly to keep your audience and contact list in full view. For LinkedIn, the normal rate is 1-3 material per week.
  6. Track statistics on publications and actions to adjust your promotion strategy.
  7. Use automation services and tools to save your time and increase promotion efficiency. Try, for example, Meet Alfred – it can view user profiles, do mailings according to different criteria, a super-combine for LinkedIn.

If you need to successfully enter the western market, start with a marketing strategy. Then immediately it will turn out to turn on different tools, and most importantly – it will be clear which of them work and with what result.

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