Howie Appel
Founder and CEO
B2B LinkedIn Seminars for Businesses on the Grow

Howie, originally from the Boston, Massachusetts area, has his Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management from Northeastern University. He also has completed several Masters level courses while attending Boston University. He served in the USAF during the Vietnam Era and Desert Storm and reached the rank of MSgt (E-7).

He has been an Agency and a Corporate Recruiter for over 25 years. One of his primary focuses has been in the area of strategies involving LinkedIn. He has studied the site and has helped small businesses grow using this site. He has spoken in front of many groups, most notably, the UCF Business Incubator Program and several Chambers of Commerce.

Howie is a trainer as well, having directed, on a volunteer basis, ProNet Central Florida and ProNet Career Resources. He has been leading this organization since 2003. He also volunteers with Christian HELP’s Central Florida Employment Council where he does Resume Coaching at their job fairs.

In an effort to reach out to Businesses on the Grow, he established a new phenomenon, B2B LinkedIn Seminars and Workshops to provide an environment where he works with each attendee and helps them update and/or create their own LinkedIn Profile.

His ability to enhance LinkedIn Profiles and update/create professional resumes is highly polished. Howie has been married for 37 years to his lovely wife Marla (your local Avon Lady), has 2 grown children, has 4 grandsons, and 3 dogs