What is LinkedIn Good for??

  1. When you entered the 21st century you learned that there is a way to reach out to fellow professions. You wanted to Link Up with them. LinkedIn is that tool.
  2. You are about to submit documents to bid for a job. Many firms want to know about the people they are about to subcontract to. It’s important to have your picture on your profile so they can see what you look like.
  3. LinkedIn is like a resume, only not as formal. Many people, in the summary section, put company information. They first complete an MS Word document with all the key words in it and then cut and paste.
  4. I am looking for a lawyer within 10 miles of my home. Using the key words lawyer or attorney I can find that person.
  5. I am looking to plant a garden or make my business more pleasing to the eye. I can find a florist or interior decorator for my business.
  6. Many people are seeking your services. THEY do a key word search for a term that clearly describes what they are looking for, your summary contains that key word.they find you!
  7. I see your name in the Orlando Business Journal. I want to know more about you. I search LinkedIn to learn more about you.
  8. You want to have your friends contact information nearby. This is where they will find YOUR contact information. You encourage your professional friends to join LinkedIn’s free!
  9. You are networking and you receive a business card. You want to do your due diligence before giving him your business OR he wants to do due diligence before he give you HIS business.
  10. You want to send a quick note to a handful of people. LinkedIn provides the tool for this. They only allow a handful though.
  11. You are a professional and you want to be on a professional web site with like professionals. You find these people in niche groups on LinkedIn.
  12. I am moving into a strange town and I want to find a realtor who can help me find a quality home. I go to LinkedIn and put in key word realtor within 10 miles of a proposed ZIP code. I will find that realtor.