The purpose of this newsletter is to provide you with information and updates on what is going on with your competition, your fellow small business owners, and this site.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s going on?

Just what is Word of Mouth? Word of mouth is out of Las Vegas, Nevada. They have cities throughout the country and the world. I purchased Lake Mary and surrounding communities. Everyone on the listing in Lake Mary is within reach by me. I will be sharing clients with 8+ facebook pages at least 3 times per week. I will also be sharing them to twitter. I will ask for their LinkedIn Profile logon information to share their info to LinkedIn Groups they belong to.

What is the listing?

A “Listing” is a landing page that I created for you. The listing/landing page has the number of views. After creating, I will be sending an announcement email to you. This has the basics of your company, a picture of you (if I have one), your business card, and a youtube video. You will be in the list below with one asterisk (*).

What is a client?

Those in the negotiations (noted by **) states are those who have shown a major interest in engaging. I will keep clients to an exclusive industry listing. Those in the below listing (with ***), will be engaging with a contract (as of January 1st) and will receive priority as far as my time is concerned. Their sharing will be at least 3 times per week, on peak business days. Clients will meet with me by email or in person to provide me with new input to go on their site. They will also be shared to both twitter and LinkedIn.

How can I get on the listing to be “shared” periodically?

Call, text, or email me saying you wish to be shared as time permits. Showing an interest is going to provide you with some exposure/promotions.

How many companies?

We have 80+ companies on board now with listings. In order to have a listing, I must have your business card in my file. If I do not (as of January 1st ) you will be added as time permits.

What’s the goal?

The “long term” goal is to “engage” with you and give you maximum exposure on at least 8 facebook sites that are geared to small businesses, twitter, and LinkedIn. The “interim” goal is to provide those who give me feedback or acknowledgement with periodic sharing to two of these 8 facebook pages. They are denoted by a single asterisk (*). I will suspend my efforts after reaching 100 and focus on converting Landing Pages to clients.

Who are the newest clients?

There will be a special section to announce our newest listings. Actual clients will have 3 asterisks.C

What is required of me to become a member?

You must have an email address on your business card. Must have a facebook page, must have a LinkedIn Page. If you do not have them, they will not be included in your landing page. Facebook is a must.

How often will I be getting these newsletters?

You will receive them on or about the 15th and 30th of the month. The below content will change. Since the questions are always asked of me, the top section will remain static for a while.

Opt out clause?

If you prefer to opt out, you may reply with “unsubscribe” in the title. If you want your listing removed (why, it’s a free listing!!!), email me and inform me.